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Intern Edition | Learnings 2020

In last week's post, we spoke about our learnings from the year gone by. In this edition, we bring to you the younger voices of our team! Over the past year we were lucky to work with brilliant interns. Here is what they have to say about how the past year's challenges helped them thrive.


Intern- Tech

Everyone knows, 2020 was a disaster. Due to Covid-19, our collective hopes, dreams and willingness to work were dashed. During the initial days of the lockdown, like many others, I was also overcome with the same feelings.

But, there is nothing that can be a hurdle if your mind can overcome it. I focused my energies on developing AI and deep learning skills, joined AI for healthcare virtual seminars, learned from domain experts and successfully executed three minor projects.

These skills helped me immensely in my subsequent thesis projects and I started working taking an interest in brain tumor segmentation. As a result, I got a chance to intern with BrainSightAI. I think 2020 helped me focus on learning new things, figuring out how to apply what I learned and most importantly, be hopeful under any circumstance.


Intern- Product

If I had to choose one word that would summarise my learning from 2020, it would be- teamwork!

I learned how to work with others, help my team members and be in sync with them. It was a blessing to have found such a wonderful team and fearlessly ask someone else for help or information if we didn’t have enough knowledge about a particular topic. Ultimately, it was easier to complete tasks on time as we worked hand-in-hand to achieve common goals.


Intern- Tech

The one most important learning for me was to relearn how to pay attention to a speaker and have an engaging conversation via video calls as previously, my idea of an effective communication stemmed with the belief that physical presence with the client/stakeholder is a must.

Convincing anyone is no easy task, so persuasive skills along with a positive body language go a long way at creating long lasting impressions. Group video calls limit the dimensions of engagement by forcing one to either speak when others are listening or vice versa and the charisma that comes with the physical presence of an individual is acutely absent.

What I learned to leverage using video calls was to start any dialogue with an informal talk and only then jump right into the heart of the conversation which should ideally wrap up within 10 minutes. If conversations are all about the topic at hand along with longer time stamps, it can be mentally exhausting and this may result in poor engagement between both parties.


Intern- Product Team

My experience with BrainsightAI has been very rewarding! The most important thing I learnt from this internship is how to do extensive research effectively which has really helped me in my academic projects.

People at BrainsightAI have always been very supportive and encouraging of all my little achievements and have motivated me to work harder and also communicate my research effectively to people with diverse backgrounds.

As a result, I understood the importance of bridging the gap between research and medical treatments. I believe BrainsightAI is going to do wonderful things in the coming foreseeable future for advancing the medical sector and improving people's lives.


Intern- Product Research and Development

2020 taught me that researching on any subject irrespective of whether you're an expert or novice is immaterial. If you're willing to learn and expand beyond the boundaries learning curves can be exponential and rewarding at the same time.


Intern- Tech

While working on mental health I discovered the various aspects of how to help society at large by providing end-to-end AI solutions to doctors. My work at BSAI and journey so far helped me increase my knowledge of the medical sector using technology. I hope to make a lasting impact with my tenure at BrainsightAI!

Saurabh Sharma

Intern- Tech

With brightSight it's a step forward towards a new learning curve. We are working on a whole new concept that will create a huge impact while making the lives of users much easier. Every day I learn something new and mesmerizing here. Everyone here knows what they are doing and what they need to do, which is so rare in start-ups.

Mekha Susan Thomas

Intern- Product Development

2020 has been a great journey of learning and growth over all. One part of that journey was working with BrainSightAI. it's been a wonderful experience so far, a supportive and positive work environment and a team that's so motivated, hardworking and helpful at all times.

I've been able to explore a lot of areas of my interest and improve both my knowledge and skills here!

Neha Sara John

Intern- Digital Phenotyping

Through experience and observation, another valuable lesson that I learned at BrainSIght was that in projects, especially when working in primary stages of certain

project, things can change very quickly and dramatically.

The ability to never falter even when facing a challenge is something I began to grasp because of this.


Intern- Product Research

I learnt how to think like a product designer rather than the product consumer mindset I had as a medical professional.

Snehashis Chatterjee

Intern- Tech

Positivity is one of the keys to success in everyone's life and in these hard times, I learned a lot about this.

During, initial days of lockdown I was depressed as I was unable to complete a major part of my final year B.Tech project.

Fortunately, my final year project guide gave me some great guidance. Industry experts encouraged me as well and this helped me stay positive.

What a powerhouse set of interns, right?

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