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  • BrainSightAI Team

The Top 3 Highlights from RSNA 2022

Ruchi Sharma, Product Head at BrainSightAI, and Vinay Krithik, Business Development Head, attended the Radiology Society of North America Conference (RSNA) in December 2022. The following is a summary of their time at the conference.

Ruchi and Vinay attend RSNA 2022

The RSNA conference aims at empowering patients and partners in healthcare. The conference focuses on radiology's crucial role in delivering the best patient care. In addition, RSNA is an opportunity to confront the latest innovation in education and research.

The conference had five session styles: educational sessions, scientific sessions, scientific poster presentations, case discussions, and demo booths. While Ruchi was attending the larger conference, she also had the opportunity to present a poster by Dr. Sarbesh, AIIMs Jodhpur and BrainSightAI - titled 'A Novel Connectomic Analysis Framework for Personalised Presurgical Planning using Multimodal Neuroimaging'. ' Additionally, she presented the poster by Dr. Jijoe John, Amala Hospital and BrainSightAI'- titled 'Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks'.

We thank neuroradiologist Dr. Sarbesh Tiwari for his contribution. He is an Associate Professor with the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at AIIMS Jodhpur. We express our gratitude to radiologist Dr. Jijoe John who is associated with the department of Radiodiagnosis at Amala Hospital, Kerala.

Ruchi presenting posters at RSNA 2022

Here are some of the other highlights from the conference:

1. Meeting incredible clinicians doing pathbreaking work in radiology:

In a session with Dr. Jody, a Neuroradiologist at the University of Colorado, they learned about the importance of DTI in pre-surgical planning. She covered probabilistic tractography and its benefits over deterministic tractography in extracting cross fibers in her talk. Her focus was on how this can lead to better surgical outcomes. According to her, a good tractography brings out the least false positives and the least false negatives, such as cortico-bulbar tracts. They also met with Dr. Ajay Malhotra, a Neuroradiologist at Yale School of Medicine, who gave them lots of insights on the market in the U.S.

2. Browsing through poster presentations by researchers:

Ruchi and Vinay also met researchers who had published posters in the poster presentation section. Two notable voices they met with were Clara, an M.D. candidate from Yale's Social Neuroscience Lab. She is studying how the microstructural and functional connectome correlates with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Also presenting their poster was Dr. Huan Li, a Post-Doctoral Neuroscientist at Yale University who leads the lab and is looking into the morphologic, microstructural, and connectomic correlations of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Adolescents.

3. Interacting with future-forward companies innovating in radiology:

There were representatives of A.I. platforms, including CARPL, Incepto, Deeptek, and They also saw some product demos of companies innovating in motion correction during the scan, including Turing Medical and TracInnovations. Brain-segmentation companies like Quantib, PMX, Brainreader, Pixyl, Neurophet, and Combinostics offered demos during the conference.

Presenting the connectomics poster at RSNA 2022

The RSNA conference was a unique opportunity to network with the best and most diverse radiology practitioners. In addition, they could meet with experts from around the globe. While this could be a great networking opportunity, Ruchi and Vinay also saw the potential for numerous collaborations through the conference. This convinced us that an eclectic mix of educational sessions, research presentations, and innovation labs opens up so many opportunities for radiology as a sector.

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