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On the vision of Snowdrop - our treatment management App

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From: Laina Emmanuel, CEO

The primary goal of BrainSightAI, and our Snowdrop App for mental health is to destigmatize mental disorders by creating a richer and broader understanding of the neurological and behavioural underpinnings of our brain and the early manifestation of disorders.

In our extensive research with patients of neurological and psychiatric disorders, our key insight was that patients begin to feel an array of invisible symptoms and behavioural changes well before they embark on a journey to diagnose and treat their disorder. Usually the first port of call for these patients is a trusted family physician or general practitioner. Recording these early psychosocial changes and passive indicators of a potential disorder is critical to an early and accurate diagnosis. This is what our app Snowdrop aims to do. When complimented with screening interventions like an sMRI and fMRI, these biological indicators can help the physician in creating a treatment and therapy roadmap for the patient. AI is the magic sauce that binds these three kinds of phenotypes together and helps in identifying patterns through our proprietary models that highlight acute and minimal differences in the disease progression to identify the disorder and the prognosis for the patient.

The general practitioners everywhere are key to the patients time to get a diagnosis and thereby her recovery. When an otherwise perfectly normal person begins to undergo a general sense of dis-ease, the doctor can recommend extra-clinical use of the Snowdrop app through an easy QR code or referral link. The app once downloaded, kicks off the phenotyping process, ir the recording of active and passive symptoms, mood logging and journaling of daily ups and downs. The app has an in-built ritual builder that makes it easy for patients to build their own well being rituals including medication and activity schedule. The gamification of the rituals through smart reminders and rewards ensures compliance to the schedule. With a novel research based instruction design framework, the app learns the patient’s unique profile and provides content recommendations suited to aid understanding of mental health and their own emotional state.

The immediate benefit of the app accrues to the ecosystem of the doctor, the patient and the caregivers with improved understanding. There is greater accuracy in the description of symptoms owing to the patient's ability to record these in real time alongside a richer knowledge of the behavioural changes. This invaluable view of the patient before the first psychiatrist or neurologist visit and then subsequently between visits is the unique proposition of Snowdrop. We welcome you to experience the world of a scientific approach to building empathy, diagnosing disorders and creating a rich patient-caregiver-doctor ecosystem that enhances the quality of life for these patients.

It gets better when it is understood.

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