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What 2020 taught us

As an individual exercise, we “marinated” (Laina’s favorite synonym for reflection,) on the year gone by and what we learned from it. This was also a nice way for us to introduce our exceptional team to you!

Dr. Rimjhim

Co-founder and CTO

A dynamic environment lends itself to the possibility of discovering new limits of innovation.

A product is everything from the initial experience to the code sitting in the core. We ideated on every part of the product from user driven components to the scientific rigor. We connected a lot more over online meetings when we shifted to a remote working setup. It gave us ample opportunities to converse with users, advisors and team members to innovate, ideate and implement new ideas. We learned distinct ways of structuring and execution to develop a valuable product.

A positive side of the lockdown was that college students could collaborate with companies like us for hands-on projects. We created an intern’s cove while learning several aspects of mentoring ourselves!


Co-founder and CEO

A year ago, our laser sharp focus never swayed from psychiatry use-cases. As the year wore on, we realized that neurosurgeons have an immediate use-case for our work! As a team we learned to keep an open mind to opportunities available to us.

Patience is another great virtue we learnt. During COVID, our clinical studies had stopped, our office had to go remote, our accelerator partnerships slowed down. All of this was deeply disheartening. But as a young organization, we realized we have the time, agility and space to explore. And we did that.

Today we work remotely, collaborate with neurosurgeons, and are better prepared for all those accelerator partnerships and hospital partnerships we had cultivated.

Anoop Kumar

Product Manager, Data and AI

Being the first employee of a young startup, I had the opportunity to step into various roles that piqued my interest and get my hands dirty. I gained experience in every aspect of the organization and realized that I belong to the tribe of generalists.

Ideating and building AI products based on user empathy, extensive research and designing technical components with a lens of data management principles are at the leading front of my professional learnings. Embracing and working with diverse teams and backgrounds at BrainSightAI led me to take a cohesive approach to solve problems.

My personal journey through 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride and made me strong enough to thrive under any circumstance.


Assistant Director, AI and ML

To build a scientifically competent company, it’s essential to cultivate an environment that adheres to scientific rigour. To enable this at BrainSightAI, we have been having tech club discussion amongst the entire BrainSightAI team.

Over the last few months, I have learnt the value of hypothesis driven research and development. This has enabled me to better compartmentalize technical pipelines and product features.

Akanksha (aka AK)

Assistant Director, Business Development

Planning, perseverance and patience are the 3 things I learnt in 2020.

We fought the pandemic together with a new level of compassion and empathy. At a time like this, we strived to be attentive and sensitive to the customers' needs and built the right story to tell.


Product Officer

The pandemic definitely activated our fight-or-flight response. However, at BSAI we chose to fight the situation rather than getting bogged down by it. We knew that the pandemic will end eventually leaving behind some pressing challenges we can overcome together.

So, we stood like soldiers, ready to face the happenings of 2020, learnt from it and came out stronger than ever.


Research Associate, Grants and Curriculum Development

In 2020, working at BrainSightAI taught me not to be afraid to try new things. Being a young professional who is just starting out my career, I had certain expectations about the kind of work I wanted to do. I am passionate about Counseling Psychology and want to have a direct impact on people’s mental well-being.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there are multiple ways to achieve this, apart from the obvious approach of psychotherapy, such as designing the user experience of a mental health app, building a psycho-educational program for individuals in the community, and just generally contributing to a wonderful organization whose larger goals align strongly with my own.

Needless to say, the lessons I learned from BrainSightAI will be something I will cherish throughout my professional career.


Marketing and Curriculum Development

On a personal front, 2020 helped me reevaluate my priorities. From wanting to pursue higher education abroad (lol) and living independently, I realised that shifting back home and nurturing my relationship with my family was far more rewarding.

On the professional front, I have learned that the best laid plans, preparation and attention to detail is 50% of the work; and the rest is running with whatever uncertainty comes your way. Over the past year I have welcomed iteration and spontaneity with open arms, making my work at BSAI so enjoyable. At BSAI, I look forward to Mondays!



Dr. Abhimanyu

Consulting Psychiatrist

Working with BrainSightAI helped me understand the technicality behind what we had read as a very superficial procedure - the fMRI.

I learnt how AI is a tool to help people with their work and not something that replaces the workforce.




Product engineering

I loved the energy to make an impact and create a product to impact mental well being of an individual.

A start up is always a challenge with limited resources and an always growing interesting product backlog, the learning has been to prioritize and target closure.


Marketing Expert

Human beings are surprisingly adaptable. When you reframe the context, you are able to change your ways, your views and your expectations with little effort.

If an external pandemic can do this, what’s to stop us from disrupting ourselves?

We're glad that we work with such an introspective bunch. Keep your eyes glued for another set of learnings from our youngling interns!

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